Sanky Wanky Coffee Co.

Introducing the 4th kit in my highly popular Frank Ellison Tribute Series: The Sanky Wanky Coffee Co. Recreating these iconic structures have given me an even greater appreciation for what he had accomplished.  Ellison’s buildings are perfectly proportioned.  Many of his structures were based upon actual buildings that he selectively compressed.  And that, my fellow modelers, is an art.

Now, while I have added my personal touches to these buildings, I have not altered his dimensions. Some buildings still exist and I have photos of them. In many cases, Ellison would only finish three sides of a structure, if that’s all one could see. However, sometimes he did pencil in the positions of a one or two windows and a door. In those cases, I have followed his lead. Otherwise, I fill in the blanks. Regardless, anyone who knows his work will recognize my rendition as an Ellison recreation.