About Brennan's Model Railroading

Wow! It seems like only yesterday, but Brennan’s Model Railroading has been in business since 1997. My flagship product, Brennan’s Better Ballast, came about when I went searching for something better than what was commercially available for O Gauge. My wife, Sandy, thought up that name and suggested that I make it available to other modelers. I took her advice and Brennan’s Model Railroading was born. Since then I have developed a continuing line of Natural Ground Cover materials and Ultra-realistic kits. 

Brennan’s Better Ballast is made from real crushed granite and  accurately sized for 1/48 scale. It is the most realistic looking O scale ballast I have ever seen. There is nothing else like it on the O-gauge market.

Prototype ballast is a mixture of sizes and colors. For accuracy, I actually went out and collected samples from the BNSF mainline that runs through Kansas City. I discovered that the sizes range from about ½ inch to 6” with the majority being 3, 4, and 5 inches. My ballast consists of several shades of gray and accurately reproduces that size range.

Prototype Ballast Along BNSF Mainline

Brennan's Better Ballast

Natural Ground Cover

Brennan’s Natural Ground Cover materials are carefully selected, specially processed and completely natural. Modelers have long used natural products to enhance realism. Now, you too, can create realistic scenery just like the pros without all the hassle.

Surely, you can go out, gather up stuff, dry it, chop it and sift it. And, although it may be convenient, do not use the oven, your wife’s blender or her flour sifter. Suffice to say, I’m not allowed to utilize anything in the kitchen unless it involves food preparation. 

Ultra-Realistic Kits

Released in 2000, my Ultra-Realistic Chain Link Fence kit was the first in my line of craftsman kits. What exactly is a craftsman kit? Well, if you open a box full of pieces, and you absolutely have to read the instructions to make any sense out of it, then you just might have a craftsman kit. Ah, but don’t panic. I always include complete, detailed, step-by-step, illustrated instructions written with the beginner in mind. If you follow them, you can build my kits. I guarantee you’ll have fun while gaining confidence.

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