Brennan's Natural Earth - 28.5 cu in -- Discontinued

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As you can see in this photo, a totally realistic effect is obtained by combining both the fine and the coarse grades with other scenic textures. I like to randomly sprinkle the fine grade, then fill in with the coarse. Generally, if it's a level surface, I'll use more of the fine. If I'm covering a hillside, I'll favor the coarse (the coarse grade also helps to hold additional textures in place while bonding.)

Natural Earth is an earth colored blend of specially processed, all natural materials. Both the fine and coarse grades have an organic texture and appearance. I use them as the base or dirt layer for all my scenery. Next, I add Woodland Scenics grasses, turf and foliage for a most realistic, texture-on-texture effect. Complete and easy instructions for creating a realistic look are included. I use my Undergrowth anywhere I want to simulate heavy undergrowth such as along the right of way, alongside roadways, near industrial buildings, along fence lines etc.

Remember that you don't have to be an artist to make convincing scenery. The secret is to avoid uniformity. Take a good look around you. There is hardly anything in the real world that is all one color and texture. While one color may seem to predominate in a grassy field, upon closer inspection you'll find low-lying scrubby vegetation, various wild grasses, weeds, dirt, bushes, thatch, rocks, etc.

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