Frank Ellison Tribute Series #2

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The Hap Hazard Packing Co. is the 2nd structure in my Frank  Ellison Tribute Series. The Hap Hazard Packing Co. is a fruit and vegetable shipper whose motto is:"From field to table as fast as we're able". The footprint  is 17" x 10"  (The building's laser cut walls measure 6 x 17. The dock is 1.5" deep and the shed is 2,5 " deep). This simple to construct, laser cut basswood kit features interior floors, peel and stick stud wall framing and a stairway to the upstairs office. The roofs are mounting board with peel and stick tar paper overlays.

Ellison's description in the Toy Trains 1952 article sheds light on this local farm to market industry: "Trucks from neighboring farms line up on the street side of hundreds of roughly planked and unpainted packing sheds,delivering freshly picked lettuce and tomatoes from the fields for tomorrow's salads a hundred  or a thousand miles away--and early peas, asparagus,berries,beets and cabbage. A spur track runs along a loading platform on the other side of each of the sheds and a pick-up train stops daily to wheel out one or two loaded refrigerator cars and replace them with freshly iced and empty ones."  A copy of the original 1952 article is included in every kit.

Completely detailed and photographically illustrated instructions show even a beginner how to build, weather and paint this kit.  

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