This is the 2nd structure in my Frank Ellison Tribute Series. The kits are available. If you would like to have one of these limited edition kits, please contact me. The overall footprint is 10 x 17 including the shed and the loading platform. (The building's walls measure 6 x 17. The dock is 1.5" deep and the shed is 2.5" deep) 

Completely detailed and photographically illustrated instructions show even a beginner how to build, weather and paint this kit.  $149.95 

The Hap Hazard Packing Co. represents a farmer's cooperative. Ellison's description in the Toy Trains 1952 article sheds light on this ocal to market industry: "Trucks from neighboring farms line pon the street side of hundreds of roughly planked and unpainted packing sheds,delivering freshly picked lettuce and tomatoes from the fields for tomorrow's salads a hundred  or a thousand miles away--and early peas, asparagus,berries,beets and cabbage. A spur track runs along a loading platform on the other side of each of the sheds and a pick-up train stops daily to wheel out one or two loaded refrigerator cars and replace them with freshly iced and empty ones."